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Thread: How to root Android - Rooting with Magisk and installing Custom ROM

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    How to root Android - Rooting with Magisk and installing Custom ROM

    Android rooting is not only focusing on gaining root privileges but also many more than that. As an example, flashing custom ROMs is one of the main tasks. But to do this we have to use efficient third-party application tools such as Magisk and SuperSU. Apart from that, we have to use supportive software those who make it easy for Rooting such as Samsung Odin and TWRP recovery tools. So we are gonna learn how to root and flash a custom ROM.

    What is the A recovery tool?

    Actually, Android operating system got this small subsystem to reset the system when it does not boot normally. But we couldn't do much apart from that from it. So instead of using this, we can download a recovery which is custom build by another third party. TWRP is one of the best solutions we can get. So before Android rooting or the flashing custom you better install the TWRP because it is a good practice.

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    What is a custom ROM?

    These Operating systems are customarily developed by the Developers in the android developer community. The specialty is these are included the features that a regular operating system could not have. As an example, you can find some ROMs specifically created to enhance the battery life of the device. CARBON, Cyanogen and Lineage OS are some popular options. You can find out all about this stuff and download them from the XDA Developers website.

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    How to Root Android with Magisk

    1. The first step is to install the Samsung Odin (
    2. Then using it install the TWRP recovery tool.
    3. Now download the Magisk latest version.
    4. You will download a .zip file.
    5. Now move it into the SD card or to the internal memory of the smartphone or the tablet.
    6. Then boot the device into recovery mode. (power button+volume down button+ home button)
    7. Then select the downloaded zip file and install it.
    8. Wait a few minutes until the process is finished.
    9. Then reboot the system.
    10. Now the device will be rooted but it does not install the MAgisk Manager automatically.
    11. Then you have to install the APK separately and that's it.

    How to Install A Custom ROM?

    1. Make sure to backup all the important data because this process will be format all of that.
    2. Download the ROM file.
    3. Place it in the SD card.
    4. Boot the device into recovery mode.
    5. On the recovery menu go to Select --> ROM file --> Install
    6. If the ROM has AROMA Installers select what you need and click Next.
    7. This process may take some time.
    8. Once it completely finished reboot it again.
    9. That's all. You will be able to enjoy the new OS

    Wrap up

    It is not a quiet easy process as it seems. But you can do it with cautious to prevent any damages. And when you installing the custom recovery tool using Odin do not forget to follow a proper guide.

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    Hofo is NOT a rooting forum & there's zero support for that here. By support I mean there's not dozens of qualified individuals who if asked nicely & they have the time will help.

    So please stop posting this here. This belongs places like XDA Developers, Android Forums, Android Central, etc.

    Posting this here is irresponsible.
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