They're ba-ack... Snap, Inc. is now taking pre-orders for their third-generation hardware products. And they're not cheap: a pair of Spectacles 3 in either carbon (black) or mineral (rose gold) will set you back $380 USD or $500 CAD.

What could possibly justify the more than 100% price jump over current models? The Verge explains:

A Snap spokesperson said this year’s model represented a necessary investment in the platform. The company has to figure out a way to do AR computing right, the logic goes, before it can do it cheaply.

The glasses’ marquee feature is a second camera, which enables Spectacles to capture depth for the first time. Snap has built a suite of new 3D effects that take advantage of the device’s new depth perception ability. They will be exclusive to Spectacles, and the company plans to let third-party developers design depth effects starting later this year.
Details on technical specs are scarce, but according to Mobile Syrup they'll ship with 4 GB of onboard storage, good for 100 circular format videos or 1200 still images.

Sources: Mobile Syrup, The Verge