I am with a Jetpack 7730L since April 2019 on the unlimited data $70 plan. This plan is not available anymore. However, I am grandfathered in (which has been confirmed to me today by several Verizon Wireless customer representatives). My plan just renewed last night around 11 pm MST.

So far I had no problems with this plan. On the contrary, I was very happy. However, this morning I suddenly could not connect to the Internet anymore - I still could connect at around 7:30 am MST, but then at around 8 am MST I was suddenly cut off.

I spent altogether about 5 hours (!) on the phone with four different Verizon Wireless support representatives without being able to get this to work again (also not when putting the SIM card into a different Jetpack). At one point one representative was able to send a message to my Jetpack - but I cannot use it to connect to the Internet.

What all not worked: turning off and on several times; several factory resets; several SIM removals; several "resets" and "refreshs" on Verizon's side; changing to a new device phone number and back to the old; resetting the SIM card so that it is considered to be a "new" SIM card; etc.; etc.; etc.

In the end the last representative said I need to get a real (physical) new SIM card. I'm in Arizona and about 90 minutes away from the next Verizon store, but luckily I have to go to Phoenix in an hour. On my way there I will go to a Verizon store (and the representative called the store for me so that they know I'm coming) to get a new SIM card.

When I'm at the store the Verizon representative will call me and hopefully get this working again.

I remember that I read some months before in the original $70 plan thread that also other people had problems just after plan renewal which could be resolved with Verizon's help. Is there anything that people here can tell me that might help me when I'm at the Verizon store later?

Any tips would be appreciated.