So I was a long time Verizon user. No issues really, but Xfinity (a Verizon wireless MVNO) lured me away with lower cost.

Today in my area there was a fire near work. More than 50 acres burned as a grass fire but no one really knows how quickly it can be put out. So WEA alerts sounded on my co-workers Verizon and ATT cellular phones. Evacuate messages for the area of the fire. We're about 5 miles away I'd guess but also separated by an Interstate and river so maybe not a big deal for us this time. I say maybe as they have not put out the fire as of this writing.

Anyway, my now xfinity mobile phone had government alerts and amber alerts enabled (iPhone XS). But no gotty. I called Xfinity/Comcast tonight to ask for assistance. They plainly told me xfinity mobile does not provide any government / WEA alerts.

So sorry to post in Verizon area (but actually is a pro-Verizon post). If I had kept 'real' Verizon I would of gotten the alerts.


PS: I kind of see this also as a class issue. I tend to be frugal, but I'm not super-poor. Just the same it's likely the poorer folks on carriers that do not provide WEA / government alerts. Seems like it should be a law. I googled it tonight and found my carrier not listed (xfinity mobile) on the carrier list that support WEA messages. Yikes.