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Thread: phone tring to use non-partner network

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    phone tring to use non-partner network

    I have a Samsung S8 on the VZN prepaid network thru an MVNO.
    At my vacation home, the VZN signal is very weak and receiving calls intermittently works.
    There is also another CDMA non-partner network here, Carolina West (CW). Most of the time if I try to make a call it will attempt to place the call thru CW. Of course it doesn't work, telling me that all circuits are busy. I assume this is because the VZN signal is so weak.

    It seems like there would be some setting in the phone or on the SIM card that would prevent that, but the MVNO has no clue. If there is not then it would happen to any VZN prepaid subscriber in a location such as this.

    This has also happened in the past with a different phone and a different MVNO.

    Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution besides moving to a different location?

    Or is it just that there is no way to restrict a network until you actually try to call.

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    go into the phones settings and look for a system select / network setting. -

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