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Thread: Grandfathered UDP Advice

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    Question Grandfathered UDP Advice

    New to the forum and I hope this is the right place for such a question.

    I've been with Verizon since 2010 and I've had my grandfathered unlimited data since then. I'm currently playing for an ancient plan that consists of 700 minutes, unlimited texting, data, and device protection for $133 a month. All of that is after my employer discount. It's started to really get tiring for paying such a ridiculous amount just to keep my grandfathered data.

    I spoke with a Verizon rep about one of the new plans and she was surprised that I was looking to get rid of my data and that they "sell for a lot of money" but didn't elaborate past that.

    I've set up for one of the new data plans to go into effect starting next month. I'll save $40 a month and still have more than enough data - especially considering I have my podcasts downloading only over wifi now. Am I being foolish in getting rid of this plan? Is there an actual way to sell it to someone who doesn't mind taking the increased cost? I'm definitely tired of the monthly burden after so many years and increasing costs. I could be putting that money into savings, retirement, debt, anything really.

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    The plan is worthwhile because it isn't deprioritized. And you can put your SIM into a hotspot or mobile router and use limitless data on it. Selling the plan now is very iffy. There are reports it can still be done but it's probably more work than it's worth. What you could do is call in and attempt to change your voice plan to Nationwide 450 for $39.99/mo but honestly unless you use a ton of data, it's probably better to change to current plan on a smartphone.

    If you were going to try and run your household internet over the plan it'd be worth keeping, otherwise change plans. You could save $40/mo which is the price of a flagship phone.

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    If you don’t care about being deprioritized and don’t plan on or want to finance a new device, Verizon Prepaid’s $65 unlimited plan is also a consideration. Two lines and auto pay offers $10 off the second line and $5 discount on the first line. The discounts could be a bit more, but $15 total is minimum.

    It’s a toss up with depriorization. You don’t know if your area is or not since you’ve never experienced it. But, like I mentioned, if you don’t care about that and can live with the slowed down speeds (which is still very much usable) or don’t want to finance new devices, the prepaid unlimited plan is a good option to have on the table.

    Forgot to mention, it doesn’t have hotspot capabilities but I really think they’ll add it since every other prepaid carrier is starting to add it, even Cricket. They have always charged an extra $10 per month to hotspot but now it’s free, with 15GB, with their $60 tax free plan.

    Verizon prepaid refills are cheap on eBay. $40 card can be purchased for $24-26. Cheapest one I have purchased is $24.89. It’s an insane deal. They have $50 and $100 cards too but I don’t remember how much they are, but those are a heck of a lot cheaper as well.

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    In terms of deprioritization... it's subject to deprioritization in times of congestion. What I've found through some testing is in practice... well vzw's stated 4g speed is to expect 6-12 mbps. More or less, I found no discernable speed difference above 12mbps or so deprio or not (not considered congestion)... between 6-12 mbps (not deprioritized) you'll get like 3-10mbps deprioritized (it's about half to 3/4s more or less), and below like 3mbps so your deprio speed will get troublingly slow.

    Basically if you get over 12mbps currently then you won't be affected by deprio anyway, and you'll be affected but not troublingly if you get above 6mbps or so.

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