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Thread: Cheap Pay-go data

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    Cheap Pay-go data

    We have an iPad mini 4 (2015) that runs credit card transactions only (business). iPad model is A1550. Looking for cheap pay-go data that will work for this iPad. Any carrier is fine. I am not sure if Verizon or Sprint is supported on this model. iPad uses about 50-100 MB of data a month. This thing is only used for mobile transactions.

    Currently have Red Pocket GSMA 1GB $10 a month. I have used 20 mb in about a one and a half weeks so far. Looking for something a but cheaper.

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    There are lots of possibilities including:
    Tello PayGo (Sprint) 2˘/MB
    US Mobile (T-Mobile or Verizon) $4/month for 100 MB
    TracFone (T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon) $49.99 eBay annual plan with 256 MB/month
    Red Pocket (T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint or Verizon $60 eBay annual plan 500 MB/month
    Find and compare prepaid plans at

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    Get an apple iPad Sim. Apple store sells them for $5. Using that, you'll have multiple carriers. Choose TMobile and it's $10 5gb good for 5 months or until used up

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