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Thread: WiFi charges

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    WiFi charges

    I am considering switching from Verizon postpaid to prepaid.
    I have two questions: how much can I expect to pay in taxes, fees and surcharges on the 3 gb (plus 3gb bonus) $35/month with auto pay plan in NJ?
    Second question: does Wifi calling really use data? According to faqs on Verizon website it does. I copied and pasted the relevant paragraph and would appreciate clarification:
    “Does Wi-Fi Calling consume data?
    Yes, so charges may apply if the Wi-Fi network you're connecting to charges an access fee. The charges will depend on your Wi-Fi access point's access fee.”

    How would I know if there’s is an access fee on the data point? So making a call using WiFi calling would count against my data allotment?
    Doesn’t make sense to me

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    No it does not count against your data plan from Verizon. What they are saying is that if the owner charges you to access there WiFi you will pay them. Like xfinity WiFi if you are not a customer of Comcast you would pay them for a pass to use there WiFi hotspot.

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