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    Conference calls no longer working on new 5gE at&t, or it's new firmware?? Help!

    I use conference calls all the time on my Iphone Xs. Since 5GE At&T came on my phone a few weeks ago, I can't do it anymore.

    If I add a 2nd call, it let me call the 2nd number. When I MERGE the calls, I can only hear one person and the other person only hears total silence. Then the screen will change to where it says on "multiple calls" and you can't hang up with just one person, you have to end the call and lose everyone! Before you could just end the call on whatever person you chose, now you loose both people.

    I need to fix this and don't want what to do..... Please help

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    Sounds like you are putting the first call on hold and the phone isn't connecting all 3 calls. Call customer service to insure that all features are setup correctly on the account.
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