This method works for all Samsung Android devices including the latest Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, Note 5, etc. This Samsung FRP reset is done with professional tools and performed by an unlocking specialist so you don’t have to worry about your phone’s safety. In most cases, this procedure will be done without any data loss,in the case this will involve a factory reset we will inform you before performing the operation.

Note 10 N970U It's only for networks from the United States!

This service is to remove the google account from your Samsung phone in case you forgot or lost your details, it will not unlock the network of your phone.


-great price and data protection
-it takes only a few minutes (around 10 minutes)
-no modifications will be done to your phone’s software
-compatibility with all Samsung models including all new firmware
-online support until you confirm the google account is removed

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Supported models

-All Samsung models
-And a lot more models supported, just ask!