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Thread: Can Verizon text messages be viewed online overseas?

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    Can Verizon text messages be viewed online overseas?

    Note: I couldn't find a clear answer to this question, or get a clear answer from Verizon, who only pushed their international plan* It's possible the solution lies outside of Verizon.

    *I'm not interested in hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars for a Verizon international plan ($2000 per Gigabyte in Nepal, where I will be most of the time)

    I am from the US, have an unlocked phone (Moto G5 plus), and am currently on an MVNO. I will be traveling internationally this fall/winter for 2 months, keeping my US phone number active, and using a local sim card (not my US sim) for voice and data. I only want to view text messages to my US number while I am out of the country.

    Does the My Verizon app or the Verizon website offer this? I'm willing to switch to Verizon (or another carrier) if they offer viewing texts online.

    p.s. I do not need to send any international texts, and I can check my voicemail and make calls to the US free and very easily using Hangouts, using wifi or mobile data.

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    Yes. You can access "Verizon Messages" from any web browser. This will allow you to view SMS/MMS messages while out of the country. You can send SMS or MMS messages as well.

    the only "oddity" I'm aware of is that messages from short codes do not appear in "Verizon Messages". I say "oddity" because I actually found this to be a benefit, others may find it to be a drawback.

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    Just put your phone on airplane mode and then put wifi on. Test if you can send and receive messages using the message plus app then you're good.

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