hello again
i am going to ask a question here. i am in a bind right now as i had two friends on my verizon acct and they gave the phones back to me and went to another carrier. long story short i have 2 lines suspended one with discount billing and one without discount billing. though the one that was suspended with out discount billing verizon was kind enough to give a a months service credit since the line is not being used. and the other line right not is suspended with the discounted billing i have 3 months on that so far thank god. i am wondering since i am not using those lines i am wondering if anyones had any problems with getting verizon to credit the service back since there not and can't be used i have no problems on the device payments since it will know the buyout down... i just need time to come up with the money and buy out the phones and pay em off so i can drop my bill down to.

thoughts and inputs on this situation???

i'll never do that again