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Thread: Huawei P30 on CCell

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    Huawei P30 on CCell

    Neubee here...looking for some info about using a Huawei P30 on Consumer Cellular *CCell*

    Currently on VZW for the last 15 years and would like to try a MVNO GSM to save a little for cushioning retirement haha. Anyhoo..can someone here help me out before a purchase if this phone does work on CCell ? I do know that the bands it has says it works on AT&T and T-Mo which CCell carries. Before I jump in, wanted to ask here if anyone has personal experience using this phone on CCell or a similar Huawei phone. Oh, I'm living in a rural area of the mountains of Central CA between Somewhere and Nowhere which makes me either use VZW (better) or AT&T (doable-they say)

    Thanks for all replies!

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    1. This question should really be on the MVNO forum.
    2. There are several versions of the Huawei P30. Not sure which one we're discussing.
    3. Both the ELE-L09 and ELE-L29 look pretty compatible with AT&T/Consumer Cellular.
    4. You might want to look at Cricket Wireless too.
    5. No personal experience with Huawei or Consumer Cellular.
    Donald Newcomb

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    Thank you for your reply Don!

    I will repost this in your suggested forum. I kinda overlooked before deciding where this should go.

    Dave W.

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