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Thread: Galaxy S5 sync

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    Galaxy S5 sync

    Checked a friends GS5 to see if the Contacts were syncing with the Google server. They are not, and there is an old incomplete list shown on The sync setting is toggled on for Contacts in the Google account listing, and showed current dates of last sync. I did a manual re-sync and it updated the date. Still not going to the Google server though.

    There is a sync error showing. Should have written down exactly how it was worded. Looks like it applied to all the Google apps on that page that have sync. There are hundreds of Contacts listed on the phone. Could that be the problem? It is running Android Lollipop which I am not familiar with. I know there were sync problems with earlier Android versions like KitKat.

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    it's very easy to do:
    Navigate Notifications panel (drag down from the top).
    Tap the Notifications icon (located in the upper-right).
    Tap Sync

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