My wife has a Chinese Huawei phone with a Chinese phone number, and a Canadian iPhone with Bell on a BYOP (previously with Rogers). When we visited China earlier this year, she saw ads for the XS Max and got excited about the dual-SIM feature. (Obviously, other phones have dual SIMs, but she's an Apple convert.) We didn't end up getting it, but her birthday is rolling around, and I'd like to get it for her, now.

She primarily uses her Canadian line, as we live in Toronto, but she visits China a few weeks a year, and also uses her Chinese line for occasional international bank transactions the rest of the year.

Assuming she wants to keep her current Bell BYOP plan (we have a bundle with Internet and TV and her phone), which iPhone should I buy her? I've read that the XS Max has been discontinued because it is being superseded by the iPhone 11, and that the North American versions of both have one eSIM + one physical SIM, and that people have had a lot of trouble activating the eSIM with Bell. I've also read that the Chinese version of the XS Max has two physical SIM slots.

If I have a friend in Hong Kong ship me the Chinese XS Max, can my wife pop in her existing Chinese and Bell physical SIMS, and expect them both to work, both here, and in China? I also hear iPhones are increasingly unpopular in China, and so possibly cheaper over there, which, at this price point, appeals to me.

If there would be an issue getting the Chinese XS Max to work in Canada with her Bell SIM, would the reverse also be true? I've read that there is little support for eSim globally, particularly in China, so would a Canadian iPhone 11 work over there? It sounds like the iPhone 11 could be an option if my wife put her Canadian line on the eSim and used the physical slot for her Chinese line. But it would also be more expensive.