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Thread: Tello - Credit Expiration

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    Quote Originally Posted by mframe View Post
    Are you folks saying that you can request a refund of your current balance, even if you have not reached your forced expiration date yet?

    Also, did you port-out before or after the request was made, or do you have to let them close the account (and lose your number)?
    After I got refund, the account balance was/is $0.01 (I think Tello intentionally left 1 cent balance) and the acoount (with phone number) is still active. In this case you can transfer your number to other provider.

    In my case I do not need the number, but I wanted to release my IMEI. I used ESN of non-existing old 2G Sprint phone (it was recycled few years ago) and replaced my current phone IMEI by this dummy ESN. Now my phone/IMEI released and can be used with any of SPrint MVNOs.

    P.S. Before you recycling Sprint phone, write down IMEI/ESN and SIM card number (ICCID). You may need it as placeholder in cases like this.

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    Tello - Credit Expiration

    In my case, I had a balance of $11.24. Tello refunded $11.34 (that was the amount of my last $10 order with $1.34 tax).

    After I saw my refund in my Paypal account on 9/27 (F), my Tello Bal stayed as $11.24 until Tello emailed me on 9/30 (M) that they did the PayPal refund. Tello also closed the account (i.e., I couldn’t log in anymore - no active number) on 9/30/19.

    I didn’t ask/tell Tello beforehand that I wanted to port out. I told them I was ok with losing the number.

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    Since this is almost surely happening due to the pending merger, something like this does verify less competition in the prepaid market.

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    The letter I got from Tello via USPS (after Tello issued refund after my complaint to FCC):

    To the attention of Mr XXXXXX YYYYYYYY

    We sincerely apologize for the issues you encountered when trying to request a refund for the Pay As You
    Go credit purchased on

    Based onjour internal investigation you contacted Tello Customer Support on September xx and requested
    to receive a full refund for the Pay As You Go credit purchased on
    Early this September, we decided to update our service agreement and our refund policy, hence the latest
    updates in our Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately, due to these latest updates, the first agents who
    attended you did not fully understand our new policy when it comes to refunding unused credit.

    Our position is very clear now: you will be issued a refund for the credit purchased and he will receive the
    funds in maximum 3-4 business days.

    Taking this situation into account, we've analyzed our processes and implemented some changes so that
    situations like this will be prevented. Plus, we've taken several measures on training our employees on how
    to proceed correctly in future similar situations. We apologize for the lapse in answers and we are very
    grateful for your feedback as it helps us improve our services.

    Once again, we refunded the amount and we'd like to inform you that our company is more than willing to
    find a suitable solution for this isolated event.

    Kind regards,
    Mihaela Georgescu
    Public Relations Manager
    Tello LLC
    4780 Ashford Dunwoody Rd
    Suite A 236
    Atlanta GA 30338

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