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Thread: Visible Port In and R2

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    Visible Port In and R2

    Since there is no visible sub forum, I'm posting here. Hopefully thats okay. I have a few questions, since I'm about to sign up for the service. One, hows the service and sign up process? What is it like to port in a number? Is it a disaster zone like Tracfone? Do you port in at the time of purchasing the phone? Anyone has experience with the Visible R2? I know it's low-end. Is it worth the $20, and I just need to use the phone for 3-4 months, will it get me by in the meantime?


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    I've had the R2 for about a month now. Using as a wifi device off and on only so can't help you with Visible's service. I don't think the R2 will disappoint you, but it depends on what you're used to using. For $20, it's a steal. I might try a Red Pocket sim in it down the line.
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    It was very, very easy for me to port in my number from Cricket; just needed my account #, PIN etc. Once I got the sim, I just inserted it, tapped Activate in the app and my calls, data etc were all working within 5 minutes. Have you switched yet?

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    I started a line with the R2, free by trading in a workable Android phone. Had a couple of hiccups trying to activate but no issues in the almost two months I’ve used Visible service.
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