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Thread: Can anyone recommend an app that will ID spam callers?

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    Can anyone recommend an app that will ID spam callers?

    When I got my first Android phone I installed an app called Call Control to block spam calls. It worked pretty well on my older phone but not so well on my Pixel 3. The problem is that in order to block calls you must make the app's dialer the default dialer. On a Pixel 3 the Google dialer is the default and in addition to being the dialer your contracts list and voice mail are integrated into this single app so I do not want to change my default dialer which limits Call Control to more or less an after the fact notifier that a call might be a spam call. Pixel 3 has a call screening function that you can use to that pretty much kills off spam calls if used but it does not really identify the user as a potential spammer ahead of time. What I'm looking for is either a call blocking app that will work with the default dialer or an app that will pop up a box that will ID the potential caller. Does anyone know of any apps that work like this? Thanks.

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    I think there are some recommendations on the internet about these call blockers. I've used some of them, though. However, they don't' 100% stop/block these spammers. Sometimes some of them still pass through and I need to block them manually after looking them up on Google or complaint boards like

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    You can try Truecaller. The reviews about it are pretty good.

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    Try the Truecaller. it will help you.

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