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Thread: What frequencies/bands are being used for AT&T 5G+

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    What frequencies/bands are being used for AT&T 5G+

    I will be looking for a router with wireless modem I can use for my apartment which is in an announced 5G+ market and which is getting additional fiber optics installed presently inside of New York City. Netgear has their 5G (non plus) solution that came out awhile ago. Deployment has started in a small part of Manhattan for now as per media reports, but from the permit activity by me, it seems obvious the necessary additional fiber optics backbone needed is being built in another part of New York City.

    Does anyone know the bands and frequencies being used for 5G+? I am hoping multiple manufacturers offer solutions as I am looking for one that will not slow the network down for HDTV, tablet and a desktop computer and a phone in wifi mode. If I ever move in NYC as its wireless I will be able to use the same equipment as well due to AT&T’s extensive coverage area.

    I guarantee I am not alone and AT&T should be able to capture extensive marketshare from incumbent cable companies like Spectrum which is awful in NYC. We can’t get Verizon FIOS where I am and RCN another cable firm is awful. Even Altice in Brooklyn market has declined since acquisition from Cablevision.

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    Should be at least n260, not sure of other bands.
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    Depending on the area, 24, 28, or 39 GHz.

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