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Thread: Appalachian Wireless

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    Appalachian Wireless

    Has anyone had any experience with Fi roaming to Appalachian Wireless? I've been able to do it with Sprint Postpaid (they're extended network and operate off Band 12). Just curious before I look at making switch to Fi. Thanks!

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    I don't have first hand experience with Appalachian Wireless but I have had Google Fi now for 6+ months and it has had extended network coverage with every Sprint network partner. Plus it will work on AT&T (EDGE and GPRS modes).

    Now granted your data speed may not be 4G, or even 3G on such partner networks, but voice and SMS/MMS has always worked.

    Also, I have found that I sometimes have to force the phone to re-scan the network to get it to attach and work with an extended partner (simply toggling airplane mode), as the Google Fi app does not always seem to be *that* intelligent.

    Check out this thread too:

    Hope that helps....

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    Quote Originally Posted by NESiteSeer View Post
    ..... Plus it will work on AT&T (EDGE and GPRS modes)......
    I'm confused. AT&T doesn't do EDGE/GPRS. Not since 1 Jan '17.
    Donald Newcomb

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