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    XR vs new standard 11 coming from a 6

    I have an Iphone 6 which at end of life. No ios13. The question I have is worth the extra money for the 11? I am not a heavy user and don't consider myself a real shutterbug. However with the better camera I might take more pictures. I am in a dilemma.

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    Yea I would get the 11 if I were you. It’s actually $50 less than the XR was at launch last year and you’ll get another year of upgrades out of it. Seems like you keep your phones a while since you had a 6. Good luck!

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    I agree, I'd go with the 11. The "extras" are worth the extra money over the current price of the XR (faster radio, WiFi 6, wide angle camera and the camera improvements, etc). And, as eduschean mentioned, you should get an extra year of iOS updates since you keep your phones for a long time.

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