Well, I think I've finally finished my motorola unlock tool collection. I can finally flash every phone I own.

I did some business with a guy in Bulgaria and a guy in Vietnam (if you guys are reading this, thanks!) and now I own an Emmi Box 2D (also called emmi box ++) and a roemmi 2 box.

I honestly got super lucky finding these things for sale, and I picked them up. The difference between a clone card, roemmi, emmi 2d, and a sim emulator is pretty simple. I'm not lying when I say I've waited many years and gone to every Russian GSM forum known .

Emmi 2D: full flash and flex of phone, change IMEI (probably illegal in your country), read and write full eeprom, unlock phone service provider code, change software versions, change lock code, change phone language, change text alert and call alert tones ( the one's you hear when someone calls), change wakeup text and graphics, emulate keypad, read battery and phone radio info (RX and TX stats), and basically anything else I want with the phone.

RoEmmi 2: flash and flex phones (only certain phones/software versions, emmi 2d supports all), remove service provider lock, change lock code,

Clone Card: Put phone into clone mode to remove service provider lock code and put phone into test mode.

SIM Emulator: Put phone into lock or test mode to remove service provider lock code and emulate sim card.

The Emmi 2D is by far my favorite. It comes with a user manual, all in chinese though : . On the circuit board of it, it has a bunch of what looks to be SRAM chips, because apparently it can read the eeprom from the phone into the chips and it's much faster that way. You could maybe pick one of these up for $900 new back in the day. As for the roemmi 2, it works great. A lot less functionality than the emmi 2d though, the software for the roemmi is pretty basic.

My Roemmi 2 box works with the computers LPT port, and the phone plugs into its DB9 serial port. The emmi 2d uses
a LPT port, but strangely the emmi 2d's used to come with a LPT to COM cable, I don't know why they couldn't have used just a com port on the box in the first place. Also, the phone plugs into a RJ45 port on the emmi 2d. Good luck finding a Startac cable to RJ45, or any phone for that matter. Thankfully my bud included some for various phones in the box.

The process for the Emmi 2d is simple, load up your favorite program (Gemmi, Gate23, or Emmi Dos) and play around with the phone.

Here's some photos of the Emmi 2d inside, cables, manual:

Photo of Roemmi 2 inside:

My Startac 7000g freshly unlocked and eeprom read from:

Honestly I can't wait to have so much fun poking around in the eeproms of my phones and flexing cool stuff on them. I hear the MicroTac Select 6000e (probably my favorite phone) has a bunch of features that can be flexed to it, so I will try some. As for now, I might have one of the rarest Motorola tool collection's ever. If you have any questions about the emmi 2d, roemmi 2, clone card, or sim emulator, do not hesitate to reply below or PM me .

Disclaimer: Please don't ask me to change your IMEI for you.