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Thread: Verizon vs AT&T 5G in NYC

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    Verizon vs AT&T 5G in NYC

    Looks like Verizon announced 5G in NYC for tomorrow. AT&T is still only for business users.

    Ironically in my area in NYC, AT&T and Verizon are working on opposite sides of town with fiber optics conduit. I am not sure if this is part of their reciprocal antenna agreement they previously agreed upon or not.

    Verizon has confirmed parts of Queens is getting 5G later this month. So I am assuming the section of fiber optics build in Queens by me is for Verizon’s 5G service as permits will be done soon.

    AT&T is building too but Verizon seems to be quicker to roll out, at least by me so far.

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    Given the limited range of the microwave band 5G, for me the main excitement in seeing 5G roll out is, I'm assuming after they roll out in a few big cities for headlines, they both can strategically put in microwave band 5G in areas that presently suffer from congestion. Hopefully:

    1) This shitfing that much traffic off the 4G network, can keep 4G speeds reasonable (and bring them back up out of the toilet where speeds are currently not reasonable.)

    2) Maybe wishful thinking, but it'd be real nice for AT&T and VZW to raise their various soft caps on their 4G plans at that point (i.e. limit before hotspot is throttled, throttle speed, and limit before one is subject to deprioritization. Although of course, if strategically placed 5G avoids congestion to begin with, then being deprio'ed or not will make near-zero difference.)

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