Ok so tomorrow Verizon will have 5G ready and available in NYC in multiple locations. AT&T announced it earlier but only had a smaller area available and only on business services, and hasn’t announced when it will be available for everyone and in more areas. Sprint has 5G available in limited areas as per coverage map and I am not sure what T-Mobile has done.

I am in Queens and Verizon has stated it will be available in areas there. In my section I noticed an antenna permit by me which had work done, and now I am seeing Verizon doing conduit work on multiple blocks around that area, and I am presuming this is for 5G deployment. AT&T which is planning on 5G as well is doing loads of fiber optics work on the other side. I am not seeing these permits everywhere in NYC however and my guess is 5G deployment is just in the early phase much like when Verizon was rolling out LTE for the first time and then supplementing that with AWS spectrum which they called XLTE, and then other upgrades like CA, and the like.

Will be interesting to see how Verizon and AT&T compete, but Verizon seems to be leading in 5G in terms of availability as of tomorrow. I wonder when both Verizon and AT&T will post their 5G coverage maps. I have only seen Sprint’s coverage map so far for 5G.

Only Android devices seem to have 5G as of now.