Hi All,

Did you know that Toronto is the only major Canadian city without a connected underground for all?
More than two-thirds of TTC riders surveyed are unaware that connectivity is available on the subway in Toronto,
and 71% don’t realize that their mobile carrier isn’t allowing them to use it.

If you think everyone deserves access, speak up.

Canada is one of the most expensive country in the world in terms of wireless services.
On top of that Big 3(Robellus) are not giving us access to cell coverage on the subway.
Though infrastructure exists and capable of both Wi-Fi and Cell Coverage for a long time!
Freedom Mobile had it since 2015! And they are the smallest player on the market!

I don’t think it is fair to not have access to cell service in the big city like Toronto.
For example, Montreal has coverage for all carriers, I was able to see
On Google maps where to get off because I did not know the city well. That was convenient!
The guy next to me was watching the soccer game on his phone live

This coverage would benefit all areas of life, from being able to alert coworkers that you’ll be late for a meeting due to delays(Hello TTC!),
to letting friends know about changing dinner plans, to saying goodnight to your kids.

More information and petition can be found here, please sign it if you are a subway daily commuter or just support the cause:


PS “To date, unlike our New York office where we have Verizon-AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, here in Toronto only Freedom Mobile has taken us up on the offer,” Ranger said.

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