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Thread: home screen bottom Circle, Square and Delta gone missing

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    home screen bottom Circle, Square and Delta gone missing

    A few days ago my Moto G6 updated from Android 8 to Android 9, and: My Home screen bottom controls on the G6, the circle, square and delta, have gone missing, and I want them back! What happened was - when I wanted to quit out of an app the Square (and then the X) stopped working. The Square would only bring a shrunken image of the app, I think a Moto 'feature', but there was no X to quit the app. Since I didn't Do anything to cause this I figured it might be either a Google or a Cricket 'update' but it didn't happen on my other non-Moto phone. So I fooled around with some setting or other and now I just have a Horizontal line down there where the Circle, Square and Delta used to be. That Line does do some things, but not what I want, and no Quit X. Help!
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    That sounds like the One Button Nav feature in the Moto app. Uses the G6 front fingerprint sensor to replace the screen buttons. Touch for Home, swipe left for Back, swipe right for Recents. Check the setting in the Moto app. The Moto G7 does not have a front fingerprint sensor, so uses a navigation bar on the screen bottom that does the same thing. Sounds like what you ended up with.

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