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Thread: Regarding the 7 day guarantee for mintmobile

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    Regarding the 7 day guarantee for mintmobile

    I plan to cancel my plan tomorrow and I heard somewhere that they give you a 10 day period afterwards so that you can find a different company, port number etc. Might be wrong but figured I'd ask anyway

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    OP is asking about a grace period which he can port out his number AFTER cancelling the plan. The answer is that there is no grace period. He has to port out BEFORE cancelling, else he loses the number.

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    I was ready to sign up for Mint, and then I found out that your PIN is your last 4 digits of your phone number and it can't be changed (which is poor security).

    Mint's solution to that is to use your account number like a pin, but the downside is that they make it hard to get your account number. They made it clear to me on the phone that they won't just give it to you.

    If you just want to try out Mint, I suggest creating a fresh phone number, unless you aren't worried about losing your phone number.

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