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Thread: Thinking about doing trade in deal

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    Thinking about doing trade in deal

    Considering doing a trade in deal for a new iPhone. Hoping to use it with 2 carriers with the esim so it will need to be unlocked. Looking at Verizon unlock terms it looks like they will unlock after 60 days. Will that include a phone on payments also?

    If not I may just wait and save up to buy it outright and unlocked from apple

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    Yes, all phones get automatically unlocked after 60 days.

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    As far as I know, if you purchase a Verizon iPhone through Apple either in the store or on line it will be unlocked out of the box. However, if you purchase it directly through Verizon, it will be locked for 60 days. I recently purchased Verizon’s iPhone 11 through Apple using Verizon's payment plan, which I ended up returning and going back to my Xs Max. After I activated it on my Verizon post paid account, I put in my T-Mobile prepaid sim and it worked immediately.
    The only exception to purchasing an iPhone through Apple that will be locked is purchasing the AT&T iPhone via the installment plan.

    From Apple’s website:

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