Hi all, newbie here.

I have a 2nd apartment where i stay only occasionally, so no reason for WiFi. I can use my unlimited cell data for Internet, but I typically get only 1-2 bars (I walked around the apartment with cell strength measuring app, I am lucky to get -100 dBm). This is only enough to browse the internet at mediocre speed, no more.

I tried a 4G cell signal booster, but the apartment is fairly small and condo regulations prohibit placing antenna externally, so when I placed the antenna inside I created cell signal oscillation and shut down the nearby cell tower (ooops...)

Are there any other options for improving my reception? I have Galaxy S8, so I know there's no external antenna port. I read about passive signal-boosting cases, but those smell like BS to me...

Anything you guys can advise?

BTW, reception-only boost would be adequate, because I need primarily dowload data, not upload.

Thanks all!