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Thread: SMS via VoLTE?

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    SMS via VoLTE?

    Dumb question department here. Will SMS be impacted by the CDMA shutdown and switch to VoLTE? My current phone is LTE and CDMA, but not VoLTE. I have noticed some areas where I show a strong LTE signal, but weak CDMA and sending an SMS text message under these conditions seems to take a very long time before it will go through. Can anyone shed some light on this topic?

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    What you might be seeing is weakened coverage from slowly shutting down the CDMA network before the final end. Verizon pushed out the date to end of 2020, but it might be as early as June for MVNO users.

    Messaging already goes over VoLTE for the majority of users. Is your phone not VoLTE capable, or is the account just not provisioned?

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