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Thread: AT&T sold the PR & USVI network

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    Quote Originally Posted by DRNewcomb View Post
    They didn't have a lot of choice. They committed to TV and then found out that Uverse wasn't a very good solution in many situations.
    It was more the internet side of things that suffered. The U-Verse TV product was fine, the bigger issue was not having scale in programmer negotiations in a market where only the large MVPDs can survive. So they bought DirecTV, and got the scale, but paid way too much for it in the peak of the market just as cord cutting was starting in huge numbers.

    Quote Originally Posted by DRNewcomb View Post
    2) The political situation in PR is a mess. 2) The economy in PR is a mess, yielding low returns on investment.
    Sure, PR is a mess in many ways, but it's also a big vacation/cruise destination, so having native service there is a big deal. Now they won't, and the FN thing is just weird.

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    Smart play.
    Looks like Liberty is going to compete with Claro and bundle their services.

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