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Thread: Need input. regarding switching from a true unlimited plan to these current ones

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    Need input. regarding switching from a true unlimited plan to these current ones

    So i have a true unlimited plan i have had since Feb 2010. I have it with Bell and i don't get throttled or anything but since i am an iphone guy, these phone prices have become pretty harsh on the wallet. I can't do 64gb, i need at least 256gb. So right now i have the Iphone X which cost me 1756$ if i remember correctly.

    The 50gb plan telus offered on EPP brings it down to 87$ and right now i pay 97$ for unlimitted data, unlimited incoming, evenings and weekends from 6pm, 250 daytime mins, system access fee, visual voicemail and unlimited canada long distance. The long distance was 15$ alone. So it is basically the same price without tax.

    here is my usage over. As you will see below, 50gb should be plenty but every year that goes by, usage increases over and over again so while 50gb is enough, maybe in 2 or 3 years, it wont be.

    Sept 27 to present 11gb
    Aug 73gb (i was streaming at work but still shocked by this)
    july 35gb
    june 28gb
    may 23gb
    April 22gb
    Mar 16gb

    Before anyone asks, the bell plan is not transferable. I cant even add a line to it. I also cant connect my apple watch to the line since they wont allow shareable data. Another bonus of switching out of this plan is the new plans will allow me to use my apple watch series 4 and i do have the one with the network signal.

    So should i go to my grave with this plan or switch. What yall think?

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    New plans will have to come out eventually now that the carriers have bit the unlimited bullet. Will we ever have it as good as European, Asian or American countries (aka the rest of the 1st world)? No.

    But one day 5G will come along probably sometime next year and maybe then we will get something more reasonable, Canadian's however have never done what makes sense as a whole, it more or less can I really get the next $7.82 out of you for an overage.

    I personally wouldn't leave that plan until something better came along.

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    If i was in your position, I would switch to the 50GB EPP plan, especially if you’re someone who likes to get a new phone every 2 years. Your usage seems to be consistently under 50GB except for that one spike. By switching, you’d save yourself $10/month and get a subsidized device. Paying over $1000 for a new phone every 2 years is a bit ludicrous in my opinion. If you like to keep your phones for a long time, then stick with your truly unlimited plan.

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    Subsidies aren't what they used to be, what with the 'easy payment' crap now.

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