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    seems expensive

    Google Fi seems really expensive. 4gb of data a month comes to $60/month plus tax. Am I missing something? Is it worth it for people that don't do a lot of international country hopping?

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    Quote Originally Posted by natronx View Post
    Google Fi seems really expensive....
    Second that.
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    It can be reasonable if you don't use much data--less than $30 a month. The main draw is the international calling and data, and also a much better customer experience for most people. If you have a Fi phone you get better coverage because of the multiple networks. I used to use it and loved it, but as my data needs grew I moved on to T Mobile's 55+ plan with unlimited data for two lines for $60 a month, taxes and fees included. It is now $70 for new sign ups but still a great deal.

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    Fi was originally more for people who use maybe a gig or two of data a month and/or for international travelers who wanted a postpaid experience while technically on a prepaid service. The plan that charges you per gig is very expensive compared to what you can get elsewhere. If you are someone who doesn't have a passport, will never leave the US and uses a medium amount of data, I'd recommend a traditional prepaid service to save money.

    The new unlimited plan won't slow down for the first 22 gigs and seems to be on par for what a person would pay for a single line of data with most postpaid carriers. If you do/will travel internationally, I highly recommend Fi. My experience so far has been better than I expected and hassle free. I've gotten faster speeds on the subway in Korea than I have gotten above ground in the U.S. Everyone's needs are different, but I have no problem recommending Fi to most people based on my own experiences with them.

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    Fi works well if you're careful to make use of all possible WiFi hotspots. My wife managed to stay below $40/mo and normally below $30. Only the fact that we could get T-Mobile's 55+ plan @ $60/2 convinced me to switch her off Fi. At least now I don't have to grab her phone and log her into hotspots when we're out and about.
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