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This week I finished the first eight episodes of Sanctioned, a CBC podcast about the ongoing case of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou. It's far from the best production I've heard; the pace is slow, the voice acting cringeworthy and the one piece of over-dramatic music repeated so often that it gets stuck in your head—and not in a good way. But it's also an extremely thorough deep-dive into the current situations of Ms. Meng, Huawei, Canada, China and the USA.

A couple of things that I've learned from the podcast so far:

1. Anyone expecting a speedy trial and quick verdict should know that the longest extradition battle on record in Canada is a whopping thirteen years, for Indian financeer Rakesh Saxena. He was eventually deported to Thailand in 2009 after more than a decade of house arrest in BC.

2. There exists a legal means by which Canada could halt extradition proceedings altogether, an as-yet untested provision for the acting Minister of Justice to intervene. Something to perhaps keep in mind as two Canadian citizens continue to be detained in mainland China, and this country heads into a federal election next Monday.

Check out the podcast here: Sanctioned: The Arrest of a Telecom Giant