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Thread: Is AT&T Hiding A Widespread Voicemail Outage? A fix that worked for me.

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    Is AT&T Hiding A Widespread Voicemail Outage? A fix that worked for me.

    Is AT&T Hiding A Widespread Voicemail Outage?
    Posted by EditorDavid on Sunday October 20, 2019 @09:39PM from the please-try-again-later dept.

    Though people can still leave voicemail messages, "Some AT&T customers say they have not had access to their voicemail since the beginning of October," one local news site reported this week:
    An AT&T spokesperson sent the following statement to ABC11 about the issue: "We're aware that some customers may be having difficulty retrieving their voicemail due to a vendor server problem. We're in contact with the vendor as they work to fix it and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."....

    My specific instance & solution see below.
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    I called my # from another line. Left a VM.
    Missed call notification = yes. Voicemail notification = no.
    Called my VM# from my phone & another phone = this service is unavailable.

    I called AT&T @
    Wireless customer support
    Chat Live (when available)
    Call us at 800.331.0500
    Mon-Sun, 7 a.m.-10 p.m. Local time

    I was VERY nice & calm. Explained I as many others in the nation cannot retrieve my VM. Rep escalated my problem & said that AT&T told the reps once a specific # was escalated the problem will (not might) be fixed within 24-72hrs.

    Was asked for my first name only. Confirmed rep had my correct #.
    Did not mention I'm on a AT&T MVNO & not on AT&T proper. And rep didn't ask.

    Within a minute of end of call received this text:
    AT&T Free Msg: Thank you for contacting us regarding how to use your handset. Device support information is also available at

    I responded:
    Niceties............ I know how to use my phone. I am experiencing as others in the nation that I cannot retrieve my voicemail. This is a system-wide problem as you know please do your best for me to fix my problem at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Niceties....

    I'm sure it was an automated response & the "....regarding how to use your handset...." is disconcerting. But still I am a bit hopeful.

    SOLVED for me. The rep escalated it & got it fixed. Emphasis on "VERY nice & calm".

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