Thanks to EbayUK you can buy Apple and Huawei devices 15% off. This offer is not connected with the Blackfriday event, but still looks preaty good.

For all people who aren't patient enough they can go to EbayUK and enter a special code POLAR15, which will cut the price 15% off.

Not only can you buy amazing devices like iPhones, but Huawei GT watches are on the market as well.

This is how it works exactly

The code knocks 15% off the price of your item, but the maximum discount is capped at £60 (and the minimum spend is £15).
An unlocked iPhone X with 64GB storage in Grade A condition is £480 normally, but £420 with the discount (it hits the £60 cap).
For something more affordable, the iPhone 8 Plus (unlocked, 64GB, Grade A) is £345.

For Huawei devices you can check:

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro came before the trade war, so it's on its way to Android 10.

It costs £370 post-discount.

The original Huawei Watch GT is goes for £183 using the code.

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