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Thread: Port In Promo?

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    Port In Promo?

    Is AT&T offering any sort of port in promo right now? I am going to come over from Verizon with 4 lines of unlimited and I will be bringing my own iPhones. Thanks

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    Port In Promo?

    I also have Verizon and want At&t and went to an At&t store 2 weeks ago . The guy said they weren’t any promotions or deals when bringing your own phone . The guy said if your your planning to USE YOUR OWN PHONE make sure your phone is unlocked all you gotta do is choose the plan you want and you’ll end up paying the sim and the taxes and fees and activation fee and that’s it . I have an iPhone XR which I’m using with Verizon and its paid off and unlocked so it should work with At&t . I didn’t switch then because I had just paid off my Verizon bill . But next month I am switching but I guess if I want any kind of deal or discount or deal for new customer I’m gonna have to buy the iPhone 11 Pro Max from them . Oh also I said I Wanted to Port over my number from Verizon he said not a problem it can be done as long as I have the account number and pin which I do have .

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