Apple released the third update for iOS 13 at the end of 2019. Have you received the notification or have you already installed the update?. The latest update comes with solutions for several bugs that spoiled users' experiences when using iOS 13. but the latest update has not provided a solution for iPhone's signal issue which causes losing 3G and 4G signal. Therefore users have to be careful if they have an intention to update their devices.

Also, there is an issue on facetime call which causes answer facetime call automatically giving chance to listen and watch you without your knowledge, So it is better to keep it disabled even you update your device until getting another update. You can update your device manually or automatically.

Is Jailbreaking Available for iOS 13

Currently, there is no jailbreak method available for iOS 13. Therefore you cannot install Saurik's Cydia, the most popular third-party app store for jailbroken devices. But you can use Cydiaelite installer to find jailbreak tools for iOS 13. when they are available. Here are the steps to use the Cydiaelite installer. The specialty of the installer is the ability to use without a computer.

  • Visit Cydiaelite using the Safari browser on your iPad or iPhone.You cannot use the installer through any other browser
  • Tap on "Cydia Download" button
  • Then, the installer will find if your iOS version is jailbreak compatible or not
  • You can tap on the "Install" button if iOS is compatible
  • Once you clicked the button you will be moved to the device's "Settings App"
  • Tap the "Install" button there
  • Enter passcode if required and tap on "Install" button again followed by the "Done" button
  • Now, switch to your Home screen and you will see "Cydia" on it