When purchasing a top-up for your Red Pocket Mobile line, be aware that all of these are four separate top-ups:

* Data top-up in MB
* Messages top-up in number of messages
* Voice Minutes top-up in Voice Minutes
* ILD Add-On Credits (I don't use International, so I don't know the details)

Note that the Voice Minutes top-up also includes taxes, so it has to be a different top-up than the others if you have a basic flip-phone that does not use Data.

It's amazing how many chat customer service reps are unaware of the Voice aspect and that a special top-up is needed. They kept looking for other glitches in the top-up/add-on/payment system. They are pleasant though and will keep trying to find out what is wrong. Generally, they are successful at dealing with problems, but this one escapes their understanding. ("What is a Voice-only phone? Never seen one.")

Note that top-up/add-on additions expire at the end of your service month. Also note that some credit card systems are faster than others in being processed.

If you understand the above, you can top-up when needed and Red Pocket Mobile's really inexpensive ebay deals will stay inexpensive for the entire year.