This is the perfect method for nontechnical users because we also send tutorials on how to get the information needed about the phone and how to insert the unlock code.

Please verify that your Samsung asks for unlock code with a different sim card before ordering the unlock. This will not work if your phone is hardlocked , it must ask for “SIM network unlock PIN” when turning on with a different sim.

If it is saying ” SIM network PIN blocked. Enter SIM network PUK ” or not asking for a code at all please Contact us before getting the service, as this service will not solve your problem.


-Fast unlocking time and process
-Online support
-Cheap service
-100% guaranteed to work for supported models

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Supported models

-any Samsung model that asks for unlock code from USA networks, including new models such as
Note 9 G960u, Galaxy A6 A600A AT&T A600AZ CRICKET, Galaxy J3 j320A AT&T J320AZ Cricket, at&t Galaxy Prime 3 J337A and Cricket j337az, plus many more, feel free to ask!