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Yes there will still be Verizon phones. Phones have to be on Verizon's whitelist to activate on Verizon or their MVNOs. There are also carrier agnostic phones that are not carrier branded and are whitelisted - Moto G6, etc.

Just any VOLTE phone will not work. Recent T-Mobile phones have VOLTE, but are not generally whitelisted by Verizon.
The whitelist is only for activation, not for VoLTE. It means that the whitelist can be easily bypassed by swapping an already active sim. What really determines if VoLTE will work on Verizon on not is:
1) If the phone's firmware supports VoLTE at all. Almost all models released in the last few years do.
2) If the phone's firmware has settings for Verizon VoLTE. This is the most important part.