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Thread: Asurion socks

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    Angry Asurion socks

    First, why does Verizon hang up on customers using a non-Verizon phone? Since my phone was dead I had to use my Tracfone. As soon as I connected, a friendly Verizon recording notified me something like "it appears you are not a Verizon wireless customer.......good bye". No lie, tried it three times. When did this become policy at Verizon??? Complete BS. I ended up using Google Hangouts for the rest of the conversations.

    My second Moto Z Force USB port failed (would not charge). Called Verizon, they connected me to Asurion (Guatemala or somewhere....). After 10 minutes of repeated scripted questions, I began to get impatient when they began to get annoying.

    I stated the connector must be pushed hard into the phone to get it charge; several would not work at all, but worked in other phones. They asked me if the connector was loose. I said it acts like it comes loose but only because you have push the connector in so hard to make it connect. At that point they said it is damaged and not covered. Perplexed I explained the same issue happened last December and the phone is defective. So they trapped me into "admitting" the connector was loose, thereby implicating me being the cause of the "damage". I then asked to speak with her supervisor.

    It was then clear they are trained well in obfuscating, entrapment (blame the customer at all costs) and wouldn't budge. At that point I lost my temper, used a few choice colorful metaphors and they hung up. Yes I abused the person on the other end.

    So I decided to make a claim online. Unfortunately my bad behavior must have reached the right level of mgmt and they blocked me from filling out a claim online. Whatever.

    Stewing in my anger, I decided to call Verizon and give them an earful. Well, the phone gods must have been with me that day because I called Technical Support by accident, and the tech asked me what the problem was. I spilled my guts and even admitted to blowing up at the CS rep at Asurion. He decided to intervene and called Asurion on my behalf because he agreed it is a known problem on the Z Force. 5 minutes later he said he returned and stated he was not going to deal with Asurion, informed me Verizon would cover the claim and send me a new Moto Z3 along with a 4G Net Extender.

    Thanks whoever it was at Verizon Tech Support. Asurion? You can kiss my grits.

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    Assurion is not a division of Verizon, they are completely independent of them and only provides warranty and insurance claims. Customer service is supposed to offer you the phone number, they are not required to connect you. The Tech support rep did it as a courtesy for you and that is good. There are other companies that offer device insurance that are unrelated to Assurion, you can look them up online and you can insure new phones through them instead.

    I hope you get your replacement equipment and that resolves the issue. Best wishes.
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    I hate the fact that asurion puts their logo on the back of the iphones

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