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Thread: Last couple months, signal low, and speedtest slow. Various cities and areas

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    Last couple months, signal low, and speedtest slow. Various cities and areas

    Seems like more places than not, I get 1-2 bars, and 2-6 Mbps speed.
    I used to mostly have 3-4 bars and 15-50 Mbps speed.
    iPhone 6, latest iOs update, SIM card from Jan 2017.

    I just did a chat with Verizon and tried resetting network connections, no changes.

    I asked them if a new SIM card might help, they said sure, go by a factory store and get a new one for free an see if it works.
    I have Apple store in my city, so I can have them do diagnostics, I am close to buying new phone, but did not have immediate plans

    Any thoughts or similar experience?

    Thanks !!

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    We've not noticed the network not working as well in our area. Our speeds have dropped for sure. My thought, a guess actually, is that maybe Verizon is currently reworking their network top to bottom? Hopefully it will soon be new and improved.

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    Well, I went to Apple Store, they said everything is fine, no diagnostics errors.
    Got a new prepaid SIM installed at Verizon store.
    Did another reset networks settings.

    No changes, still 1-2 bars in most areas and slow data when that happens.
    Prety much an inverse of mostly good signal and rae 1-2 bars, now it's the opposite.

    Funny thing while inside Apple and Verizon, FULL signal strength and 25-50Mbps.
    I bet they both have signal booster stuff for obvious reasons.

    Verizon insists it's not a result of deprioritization.

    I have not yet tried swapping SIMS with someone on Verizon postpaid to test if "account" is the issue.
    If I cycle airplane mode it is good for 1-2 minutes then drops to 1-2 bars, so I am curious if that means anything

    The airplane mode cycle has been useful in the past when I drove or flew myself somewhere and had poor signal, it would lock onto something better on reconnect, but would not just drop down a couple bars after a minute or two. weird

    I am uncertain, but have to wonder if my iOs update was when this started?
    I considered downloading the IPSW file and doing a clean install but will probably wait until my new phone shows up.

    Decided to buy something newer, since no more iOs updates coming for the 6, but if they do intentional slow downs to
    motivate sales to supported stuff, I would think someone far smarter than me would have called them out by now.

    Maybe my 6 just has antennae issues now, I dunno. Still god for emergency spare, or travel to dodgy areas.

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    Verizon has such bad de prioritization for me that I am finishing off what I have left on my account and switching to AT&T in a couple of weeks. Half the time I get 1MB or less up and down and often bars on my phone but unusable data. I gave Verizon a try since September but I had much better speed on Sprint postpaid, Verizon just isn't cutting it for me.

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    Tried a brand new iPhone, same exact result. I wish I did not load up a years worth of cards, I would try ATT again for a while.

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