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Thread: Bell Mobility site throughput

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    Bell Mobility site throughput

    So I live in a rural area in Ontario and my only option for internet is to use a Bell turbo hub on their LTE network. I'm about 8km from site W1531 and staring a few months ago have seen my throughputs drop from 8mbps to 1.5mbps. It is even worse at peak hours of the evening. They have recently added WTTH to this site so it's my assumption that they have added many new users and have not upgraded their backhaul to the site. I don't qualify for WTTH since I'm not within the 2-4km radius of the site :-(.
    Does anyone know if backhaul to this site will be upgraded? Or another option I could pursue?


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    You can lookup the nearest serving site here: and see if all the bands are supported with your tubo hub. Also try moving the hub to a window, getting an external antenna, and checking the signal strength in the admin panel.

    If nothing else works, try a friends cell who's on bell and see if the speed issue remains.

    If that's the case, the backhaul must be slow.

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    It's a 1 Gbps backhaul. Site doesn't have B7. Adding B7 might help with congestion.

    Can you lock your device to a specific band?
    Want to learn more about how LTE works?

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