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Thread: Deceased prepaid subscriber, what should we do?

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    Deceased prepaid subscriber, what should we do?


    My Father left us for a better world last week and we are currently looking into transferring everything that was in his name (hydro, phone, etc..) to my Mother.

    He had a prepaid phone which he kept on paying every x days to keep his previous balance which is now pretty high.

    If we transfer that account to my Mother, does she lose that previous balance?

    Please let me know...

    Have a nice day,


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    As long as she is listed as a user on the account, no need to notify the prepaid carrier. I suggest she leaves it in his name, use the phone, and pay the same amount at the intervals he did. Sorry to hear of your loss.
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    Sorry for your loss.

    As veriztd stated just leave it alone as long as you continue service. I suggest looking into leaving almost all services in Dads name as some companies especially cc companies will drastically reduce limits or cancel cards. IANAL so CYA.
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