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Thread: Need new phone - Moto G7?

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    Need new phone - Moto G7?

    My wife and I need new phones and are looking at buying Moto G7s. Right now she has an Apple 6S Plus and I have a Moto G5 Plus. How do the G7s compare to the phones we currently have? I like my G5 but am looking for a phone that takes better pictures, has a better display and hold up a little longer (my G5 started having issues with the charging port twice..each time after about a year). My wife really liked her 6S Plus but the screen is cracked and the battery life has diminished significantly. So how does one of the Moto G7s compare to her Apple 6S? Is the camera as good or better? By the way our budget is $200 for each phone and we have Verizon. Thanks!

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    For anyone that's interested, as of today (12/6/19), eBay and direct from Motorola have the XT1952-4 fully unlocked (all network compatible model) on sale for $129. Don't know how long the sale will last.

    As for how the G7 Play compares to an iPhone, realize that the 6S plus was likely a $600+ phone new. I'm sure the G7 Play will perform nicely but realize it is a "budget" phone.

    I picked a G7 Play up for my wife a couple days ago for an insane price - Fully unlocked XT1952-4 version new in box for $105. Thought I was getting a deal at $125 but checking out on eBay a promo popped up and gave me another $20 off. Sweet! Still, $130 for it currently at eBay/Motorola is a good deal.

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    To replace phones like the iPhone 6s Plus or Moto G5 Plus with a Moto G7 would require the G7 standard, as the Play and Power versions are inferior. The G7 does have a a much bigger screen, if that is an issue.

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    Replacing both the screen and a battery on a 6s wouldn't really be cost effective

    I'm going to do my best to never buy a phone with MicroUSB again.

    Be a change going to Android, but likely can make the adjustment. I prefer iPhones, but I have a spare line on a Moto G5+.
    iPhone 11 is my current primary phone. I have older model iPhones and Moto phones available on other lines. Trying to simplify to 2 prepaid lines, one on the Verizon network and a limited minute plan on ATT to improve coverage area. 12 month plans to help me fight the urge to switch. The good old days of contracts where you had to pay a hefty ETF to leave

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