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Thread: I have the Net10 year plan - It's been acting up last couple months. What's wrong?

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    I have the Net10 year plan - It's been acting up last couple months. What's wrong?

    I started using this yearly plan back in August. Past couple of months it's been acting up. People call but I have no idea because I get no notification. You know how you can look at your phone app and if someone calls, there will be a number of how many calls you've gotten? Well I don't get that. There is no notification at all. I get no notification or flashing notification up top of my phone. I have no idea that I just received a call.

    The phone also doesn't ring to alert me that someone is calling and yes, all my sound is on. Every now and then a call does go through and all is fine. I'd say half the time calls don't go through.

    Then there is the issue of my text messages arriving a day or 2 later. My text messages are very delayed. One day I'll look and have 15 message all arriving at the same time.

    I have contacted Net 10 chat a couple of times but after an hour they do nothing and tell me I need to call. I'm just too busy to have to call and spend hours on the phone with them while they troubleshoot so thought I'd ask here if anyone has had this issue or if someone knows what could be wrong.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    Maybe I just need to go back to Red Pocket and Net10 isn't for me. I was so excited to start this plan and had wished it would have worked out.

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    What's the make/model of your phone? Which carrier (AT&T, T-mo, Verizon) does it use? If it's an Android phone, download the Network Signal Info app from Google Play Store, run it and see how strong the signal is at your location.

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    It could be your phone model due to carrier changes that are in the works.

    If you don't mind revealing your phone model, it could be a clue.

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