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Thread: How to register for Rogers community forums

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    How to register for Rogers community forums

    I hope a Rogers rep can help answer this. I have a Rogers small business account not a Personal account. When I try to register for the Rogers community forums it takes me to a page for a 'MyRogers' account which I don't have.
    How do I register?

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    Hello nzoka,

    Happy to help you become a member of the Rogers Community. Please visit here to register. You would need to use a different email than your Small Business account one to be able to gain access to the Rogers Community Forums which is located on the "consumer" side. No need to link your account your MyRogers profile to access and participate in the forums, just make sure to create the credentials.

    Additionally you can also visit the Rogers Business Forum by clicking on the hyperlink.

    Please let me know if you have any follow up questions .


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