For the Thanksgiving holiday, we went to the mountains of GA, near Helen. The signal indicators on our iPhones (Xr and 11 Pro) showed we had what should be sufficient signal to do things like make calls and light web browsing, but we had dropped calls with 2-3 bars showing and speed tests while noting websites not loading showed results in the Kilobits per second. Lot of times the test couldn't complete. The fastest I was able to get to finish was 1.44/0.422 Mbps. Is this normal? Generally, we have really good performance with AT&T if there is signal, and, given BellSouth used to be headquartered in Atlanta, I would have expected good service in GA in general. I wondered if maybe they were working on the network there or something. I "marked the spot" in several locations that were just terrible for whatever that is worth.