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Thread: Roaming and unlocking on the Unlimited 55 Magenta plan

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    Roaming and unlocking on the Unlimited 55 Magenta plan

    Hi folks! My sister and I just took our first plunge into postpaid almost a couple weeks ago after 20 years of having cell phones. We got in on the Costco deal for two Samsung Note 10+'s and went for the Unlimited 55 Magenta plan.

    I've searched around online, but can't get a clear answer or whether not the Unlimited 55 includes domestic roaming on AT&T and others. Also, does this plan include voice and text roaming in Canada (I know it includes up to 5GB LTE data on Canadian network(s?)).

    Also, is there any way we could get TMo to unlock our Note 10+'s before 40 days? They are paid in full.

    Thanks in advance for any info/help you can provide!

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    Postpaid includes whatever roaming T-Mo includes.

    You'll have to wait the 40 days for the automatic system on your phones (the unlock app) will work. You can certainly try calling customer service. That's easy, and stands a decent chance of working. Question: why can't you wait the 40 days?

    Their web site couldn't be clearer on your questions:

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